The authors of this blog are working at Finpro, which is a public organization that supports international trade of Finnish companies (Export Finland), encourages investments in Finland (Invest in Finland) and promotes tourism (Visit Finland). This blog tells stories related to developing markets growth program, either in Finnish or in English, depending on the target audience.

Jyrki Härkki works as a Director at Finpro. He has, inter alia, experience in working in and consulting ICT, manufacturing, bio-economy and cleantech companies. He has been working in Denmark, Canada and UK and been heading the India APAC region at Finpro, and started Finpro operations in Myanmar.

Elina Warsta works as a Program Manager at Finpro. She has experience in working with UN organizations in the forest sector, and managing capacity development projects in the Caucasus and Central Asia. She is a forest products engineer and has background in research and teaching.